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Bible Conjure

 The Bible is one of the most important tools at a Rootworker's disposal.  Throughout history, most practitioners of Hoodoo in the south have used Scripture to accompany their workings, to lend them strength by calling upon a power higher than all others.  Some also say that the slaves brought to America from Africa who practiced their beliefs had to hide and disguise their practices and workings by adding passages from the Bible or using Catholic Saint statues to represent Loas, Orishas, and other deities, especially in New Orleans.  That tradition lives on today and is carried on by modern Hoodoo practitiones, or Rootworkers.

Those who practice other forms of American folk magic (Swamp Magic, Granny Magic, Appalachian Magic, are all different names for similar types of folk magic.) also incorporate the Bible and other household items into their workings also.  The Bible is one of the most readily available and important supplies any folk magic practitioner can have, including Hoodoo Rootworkers.

So, the Bible and prayers go hand-in-hand with Hoodoo and many consider the book of Psalms a book of spells.  In order to understand the reasons why, one must have a spiritual understanding of the verses they are reading, and not just rely in another book to tell them what certain Psalms or other Scriptures can be used for certain purposes and goals in Hoodoo.  

Most people have had at least some experience with the Bible, at one time in their life or another as a point of reference.  Maybe when you were a child and your mother or grandmother read Bible stories to you.  Or, maybe during a dark moment of searching for answers when going through some tough times in your adult life.  Where do people turn when they're in dire trouble, or at the end of their rope and don't know what else to do?  To the Bible, and praying to God. He's the one everyone calls on when they're desperate.  You don't have to believe in Jesus Christ to practice Hoodoo. But it certainly helps and doesn't hurt, in any case.  And like they say in Louisiana, everyone in Louisiana has been Catholic at least once in their life.  But, no, you don't have to be Catholic or any other religion to practice Hoodoo.

The point is, there is a whole lot of Hoodoo to be found in the Bible.  And by that, I mean undeniable power and energy.  The Word of God is the most solid and reliable thing I know of. And although I cannot claim to be a good Christian, although I might have said so at one time, I can say that I have been blessed by having read it many times through, and understood what I read.  And I understand now that there is more power to be discovered by incorporating it into our practice the way our grannies did or our ancestors did, and to never stop having an open mind and the willingness to learn.  When we think we know it all and there is nothing else to learn, you're only just beginning.

So, with complete respect and reverence, I have crafted my new line of Bible Conjure oils based on Scriptures in the Bible.  For any situation you can encounter or any goal you may have, there's a Scripture for that.  During my younger adult life after high school, I felt the calling of God to be a minister in some capacity.  I studied the Bible wholeheartedly and collected passages and categorized them into different categories.  I had in mind to compile a book to help others through tough times.  I ended up with dozens of legal pads with tons of notes and copied verses, with a goal of putting together this book one day.  Over 30 years later, I still have those legal pads.  And I have found a new calling and purpose for them.  And I am genuinely thankful and humbled to be able to do so.  I have also became an ordained minister in the past few years, and if I can be a blessing to someone and help them in any small way, I will consider my time well spent and my efforts successful.




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